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Teas & Gifts

Teas: Here at Knit & Pearls, we’re all about relaxation.

Aside from the soothing effect of a ball of a yarn and a pair of needles, we are especially fond of a cup of tea to begin our morning, define our afternoon lunch, and calm us after a long day of work. That’s why we’ve made our own tea especially for you— our customers— our favorite things next to the cuddly sheep and alpacas that grow our yarn on their backs. We cordially introduce you to our own line of teas: Sip & Knit.

Black Teas
Green Teas
Fruit teas
Tea Blends
Hail Sugars

Gifts: They’re not just for show!

These unique handmade accessories and adorable baby items make for the perfect knitting-needle-in-a-hay-stack gift. Explore our options and find out more about the talented artists who crafted them.

Handmade Gifts
Baby Gifts