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  1. Wood Umbrella Swift

    Wood Umbrella Swift

    This wood swift is the perfect tool to hold your yarn while winding it into a ball or cone. The swift securely attaches to your table. The umbrella design expands to accomodate your yarn, and folds to a compact size while not in use. Learn More
  2. Clover 8910 Small Needle Felting Mat
  3. Standwood Needlecraft  Ball Winder

    Standwood Needlecraft Ball Winder

    Makes Center-pull Balls The best replacement for the Discontinued Royal Ball Winder Unbreakable Metal Crank 4 oz. capacity One Year Unconditional Warranty Learn More
  4. Ablet Knitting Abacus

    Ablet Knitting Abacus

    Ablet® Knitting Abacus® a Bracelet You Can Count On
    Keep track of your knitting with a pretty and functional bracelet! Ablet® is a bracelet you can count on. Never lose track of your knitting rows, you'll be able to keep track of them with Ablet®. It works like an abacus and includes easy-to-follow directions in the package. Watch the Ablet Video on this page to see how easy it is to use.
    It has a two closure system for perfect fit and easy on off! To wear the Ablet®, you'll use the clasp and chain to make a comfortable fitted bracelet. Then, for quick and easy on/off you'll use the magnetic closure.
    How does the Ablet® work?
    Each Ablet® consists of two columns and works like an abacus. The column on the right is the ones; the column on the left is the tens. When you finish a row, slide one bead down on the right. After the next row, slide the next bead down..all the way to 9 rows. On the 10th row, you'll slide all the right beads up and pull the first bead on the left down. Then you'll continue using the ones column to count to 19. Ablet® counts all the way up to 99!
    Highlights of the Ablet®:
    Stay put row counter - the beads don't slide unless you slide them!
    Quality materials - silver plated brass finding and chain, ribbon, resin, and wood
    Adjustable, fits 6-9" wrists.
    Unique patented product!
    Created by a knitter
    Handmade in the USA
    Perfectly packaged and ready for gifting
    Learn More
  5. Paradise Tape Measures

    Paradise Tape Measures

    60"/150cm Push Button Retractable
    Hand Crocheted
    Diameter approx. 2.25"/5.6cm Learn More
  6. Gingher_35_Goldhandle_Lions_Tail_Scissors

    Gingher 3.5" Goldhandle Lion's Tail Scissors

    Gold-plated handles add sophistication to the unique Lion's Tail design of these Embroidery Scissors. Sure to become a treasured collector's piece, these beautiful scissors feature slender blades and finely ground points perfect for cutting thread or making precise snips. A double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade finish is both striking and durable, and a leather sheath protects the blades when not in use. Learn More
  7. Gingher_4_Large_Handle_Embroidery_Scissors

    Gingher 4" Large Handle Embroidery Scissors

    The Gingher Large Handle Scissors are a great addition to your sewing kit. These scissors are designed with large handles for easy embroidery work. Thanks to its sturdy stainless steel frame, you can smoothly cut through one layer of fabric, needlework yarn, embroidery threads and more. Use the fine pointed tip to snip tight threads in a snap. These embroidery scissors feature double-plated chrome over nickel finish and a leather sheath. Brand: Gingher Includes one scissor with a leather sheath Dimensions: 4 inches Learn More
  8. Pattern Holder Magma Lg.

    Magma Large Pattern Holder

    Set of 1 MAGMA pattern holder, 3 Small Magnets, 1 Large Magnet Strip and 1 Pen. This indispensable pattern holder is a handy way to keep and display patterns and charts while working on a project. Useful for all knitters, but a "must-have" for lace knitters, especially. Easy to fold and unfold for storage; Lays flat when folded. Can stand upright when folded open, vertically or horizontally. Snap closure insures that materials inside stay neat and put. Extremely strong magnets keep patterns and/or charts in place. One extra long magnet strip also works as an indicator guide. Handy pocket holds patterns and charts. Pen pocket keeps marker close at hand. Learn More
  9. Clover 8900 - Felting Needle Tool

9 Item(s)

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