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Yarns to Inspire

You know the kind of yarn that makes you want to start a new project even though you’ve already got five in the works?
Knit & Pearls offers their own line of yarn, Yarns to Inspire, in an array of beautiful colors,
hand-dyed to richly saturated perfection.

Gossamer Lace

You won't believe how Gossamer Lace feels running through your fingers. Each 50 gram skein has approximately 437 yards of pure bliss.


This fingering weight yarn makes a statement and adds a very silvery sparkle to your finished fabric.

Content: 80% Merino/20% silk
Yardage: 437 yds/50gr skein
Gauge: 33-40st/4" on US 000-1


Content: 75% superwash Merino/20% nylon/5% Stellina
Yardage: 438 yards/100 gr skein
Gauge: 27-32st/4" on US 1-3



This fingering weight yarn offers a 75/25 blend which brings super softness and strength together in one yarn.


is a 100% Superwash Merino sport weight yarn. It is great for heavier socks, baby clothes, sweaters and any fine knit accessories.

Content: 75% superwash Merino/25% nylon
Yardage: 463 yards/100 gr skein
Gauge: 27-32st/4" on US 1-3


Content: 100% Superwash Merino
Yardage: 328 yards/100gr skein
Gauge: 23-26st/4" on a US 3-5



Enchantment is a blend of 50/50 superwash merino with lovely, luscious silk.

This 4-ply DK weight yarn takes silk to the next level and offers beautiful drape! A gorgeous luxury yarn.


Dream is a single yarn of fabulous proportions and luxurious fiber content!

Content;: 50% Silk/50% superwash Merino
Yardage: 231 yards/100gr skein
Gauge: 21-24 st/4" on US 5-7 


Content: 40% Baby Alpaca/40% Merino/20% Silk
Yardage: 252 yards/100gr skein
Gauge: 21-24st/4" on US 5-7