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  1. Schacht 15" Loom

    Schacht 15" Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

    The 15" Schacht Cricket Loom is compact, capable and cute! The Cricket is made of high quality apple ply and hard maple, and is left unfinished. As of April 2010, the Cricket has been redesigned with the ratchet gear and dog on the outside of the loom to make it even easier to adjust tension. The 15” Cricket is 16.5” wide, yet is still compact enough to be easily portable. This width offers more flexibility in your choice of weaving projects. The Cricket Loom comes with an 8-dent reed (sorry, no substitutions). Also included are a threading hook, warping peg, table clamps, two shuttles, and two balls of yarn. Learn More
  2. 15" Schacht Cricket Stand

    Schacht 15" Cricket Loom Stand

    The Cricket Floor Stand makes it easier than ever to use your Cricket Loom. It's simple to put your Cricket on the stand and adjust the angle, and it's quick to remove when you want to take your Cricket out on the town. It's made of the same high-quality apple ply as the Cricket, and is left unfinished. The stand for the 15" Cricket Loom weighs 3.2 pounds. The stands themselves measure 25" high. Dimensions: Height ; 25.5", from highest point on upright leg to the floor Width at top of legs: 11" & 16" respectively. Depth (front of base to back of base): 17" Learn More
  3. Ashford 24" rigid heddle Loom

    Ashford 24" Rigid Heddle Loom

    Made of New Zealand Silverbeech, the Ashford 24" rigid heddle loom is beautiful and easy to use. It comes with a 7.5-dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles, 2 threading hooks, clamps and a weaving guide. The heddle blocks on the inside of the loom are conveniently notched to hold the heddle in place when needed. Learn More
  4. 24" Ashford rigid heddle Stand

    Ashford 24" Rigid Heddle Loom Stand

    A strong and sturdy loom stand easy to assemble and attach, with two handy shelves. Convenient loom angle and foot rest for comfortable weaving. Made in solid Silver Beech hardwood to match your loom. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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