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Starting Point MKAL Wrap

From : May 21st, 2017 - 12:00 pm To : May 21st, 2017 - 02:00 pm Venue : Knit & Pearls Store

Event has Expired!

Starting Point MKAL Wrap

Join Janet in a rare mystery knit-along adventure with Joji. In the quest to knit this beautiful wrap (stole), you will have fun unveiling each clue while playing with color and texture. --- Cutthroat Yarns Sprinkle line is perfect for this project!

We wouldn’t want to make any knitter disappointed with the finished outcome, but the point of a Mystery Knit Along is not knowing what you’ll be making, there’s always that risk… Therefore, here are some facts about the wrap that will help you decide if you will like to embark on this project:

The shape is a true rectangle.
This wrap can be worn as a wrap, blanket scarf or even as a blanket.
Approx. measurements are 26½ x 72” blocked.
It has a graphic look, but it is still classic.
You will need yarn in 5 colors and you will use up a lot of your yarn, so you need full skeins.
The total approx. yardage is 1700 yards.
It is a BIG wrap. Please be aware of this.
There will be 5 different clues, spread out over 5 weeks.
It is good for all levels.
There will be TV knitting and more engaged knitting.
You will sure have fun.
There is no brioche involved. There are no short rows either.
There is a little bit of simple lace, about 10% of the total project.
There is a lot of garter stitch.


Sunday May 21st


12pm - 2:00pm


$5 plus materials

Note: We realize the MKAL begins on May 12th. You can either choose to start right away and work on the second clue with us or we will have the first two clues ready to go!

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